Our Culture

Brownsville is one of the southernmost cities in the United States and benefits from a tropical environment.


Our environment, our history and our proximity to Mexico has created a vibrant border culture! Brownsville is known for its strong Hispanic roots, which is seen in our music, food and celebrations! It comes alive with festivals and events held throughout the year.

We celebrate. Year-round, Brownsville is home to many festivals and events. Charro Days & Sombrero Festival, CROSSROADS, Latin Jazz Fest, Beerfest, Una Noche en Garibaldi, Taste of the Frontera, Holiday Village and much more!
In October, Calle Calaveras honors Dia de los Muertos, turning the two-day holiday into a month- long celebration of life that features artwork exhibits from local artists and a community-wide effort to celebrate life and family in the Rio Grande Valley.

Check out our gallery of our Charro Days Fiesta 2022!