Engaged with Space

Alejandro (Hondo) Coronado
I will be focusing on “Space” Space is boundless, three-dimensional, extent in which objects and events occur in a relative position and direction.
There are two theories on space, relational theory and absolute theory. The relationist regards space as the relation between objects– without objects there would be no space; while the absolutist regard space as being real–empty, a void, but nevertheless real. The first Greek Atomists conceived the void (pure empty space) that existed between atoms and through which their atoms moved as having positive reality, and called it “the empty” or “that which is not”, I want to take that way of thinking and change it into, “That which is not, is” I want to take that emptiness and create something new, a new place for atoms to move around, through and create new relational space. I will always seek different relational space that I find aesthetically pleasing, for instance, space between people, or an individual and create works of art making new relational space.


Jun 02 2021 - Jul 03 2021


8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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