“Technological Breakthroughs” is our Middle Name

Boca Chica Beach

Love space, the stars, and breakthroughs in technology? Then Brownsville is the place for you to make the memory of a lifetime. We are located at the Crossroads to the Galaxy, where you can enjoy visiting the city’s very own beach and home to SpaceX.

It’s here at Boca Chica Beach where the world’s leading innovator in the space industry decided to make their lifelong home and mission in exploring life beyond Earth. However, we refuse to stop there. This is also home of Paragon VTOL Aerospace – visionaries in vertical lift technology. Did you know that by 2025 this area will be one of the first in the world to have urban air taxis? 

For more information on Boca Chica Beach closures and SpaceX launches visit https://www.cameroncounty.us/spacex/

For more information on Paragon VTOL Aerospace check out: https://paragonvtol.com

And to hear more about what it means to be at the Crossroads to the Galaxy, check out Brownsville’s own Dr. Fredrick Jenet in our new digital Visitors’ Guide.

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