Things to do in BTX: The best place for great memories and fiesta!

If you have thought about having a trip to reconnect with your friends and enjoy the party, but you have not had time to plan it, don’t worry! We have the perfect weekend planned for you. Here, in Brownsville, we know we have the best options to enjoy a Tex-Mex party, and great Charro Days weekend!

If you enjoy traveling in your car, consider that a friendly road trip is your best option because the best memories are created on the road and with the best people. Put on your favorite playlist and let the fun begin! 

Begin to enjoy from the first day of your arrival, and do not miss this great, unique, and unrepeatable adventure! 

Day 1 

Are you ready to begin this journey? We know this is your home and you’ve missed it very much. Begin your morning with a complete Mexican breakfast, delight your palate with tacos de barbacoa, huevos rancheros, chilaquiles, and fresh coffee. All of this can be found at Arado’s Restaurant located in Downtown Brownsville. What better way to start the day on the right foot and with a delicious breakfast in the heart of our city? 

If it is not too early and you decided to take a late road trip then you’ve arrived for a perfect brunch, at Lola’s BistroThis chic and youthful place will make your trip a perfect start. The description of their menu is modern and has different options that are vegetarian-friendly. 


Photo courtesy by Lola’s Bistro.


What do you think if we continue this adventure by visiting our  Brownsville Convention & Visitors Bureau? You will find updated information on the city’s attractions and important events. In case you do not want to take this option, we have all our social networks available for you. 

Are you ready for some little fun? Let’s start this afternoon by going to our  Gladys Porter Zoo where you can find furry and elusive friends. Remember that this trip is for fun and what is better than to remember childhood when our parents took us to the zoo with our friends from school, it is always good to remember and why not… grab a cold beer to accompany your tour!   

Giraffe from Glady’s Porter Zoo.


Since you are already downtown, let the evening continue with Noche Mexicana at the Amigoland Convention Center, remember to bring your boots and hat. You can’t miss this! In case you do not feel like going to dance to Texas and Mexican music, you have the option of going to dinner with Italian food from family-owned since 1959 Gio’s Villa this place will make you delight in the best pizza and pasta accompanied by a glass of wine. If you want to continue partying with your friends, visit Terras Urban Kitchen where you will find its very attractive cocktail menu. 


Photo courtesy by Terras Urban Mexican Kitchen

Day 2 

Tired of the party last night? Ready to enjoy the outdoors? Join us! It’s time to come back to life and let a pozole help you wake up. Go to Ricardo’s to enjoy this dish, remember to arrive on time since this restaurant is one of the most popular in the mornings. 

¡Vamos! Let’s visit Boca Chica beach. The perfect place to take your friends, see the starship located by Space X, and spend a pleasant afternoon accompanied by your best friends. If you want to bring snacks or sandwiches, stop by Gazpachos as their sandwiches are exquisite and they always have a glass of wine ready for you!  

What if after your afternoon at the beach you crave going to a seafood restaurant? In our city we have the best local restaurants such as  Costa del Pacifico, this restaurant will satisfy you with delicious seafood broth, chipotle shrimp, and ceviche tostadas. It is located at 23 Old Port Isabel Blvd, you cannot miss its service and delicious dishes, it will make you want to return. But not everyone likes seafood, would you like to change the sazon a little bit? Join us at  The Vermillion where you can decide on different international options. Not everything in this life must be Tex-Mex, remember that we are here to enjoy experiences and the best ones are experienced through the food. Come to this restaurant founded more than 85 years ago where they offer you the warmth of home and you can enjoy a widely recommended menu. 


Photo courtesy by Costa del Pacifico


After a delicious meal, we all know that we crave a dessert, go to Pie and Cake and delight with the best desserts in the whole city! 

Let’s continue with that attitude and go to our carnival where you can enjoy like never and right after head over to our Charro Days Illuminated Parade which will take place at 7 pm on Elizabeth St located in Downtown Brownsville. 

The night does not end there, you should continue enjoying our nightlife so we will direct you to Backroom Bar. Here you will see how the mixology of drinks is handled. They have a nightly DJ and a party that will be memorable. Remember to always take everything with measure and drink responsibly. 

Day 3 

It’s time to enjoy your last day together, you can go for a delicious brunch at Main Street Deli, enjoy an extensive menu with a variety of options for all types of palates. This recently remodeled and improved restaurant has grown from one of the best in town and is most loved by its local people! 

Photo courtesy by Main Street Deli


Remember that, on these dates, the celebration is in our Charro Days Parade which you can go to see since is just two minutes away from the Main Street Deli. Walk a block and arrive at E. Elizabeth St where they will be waiting to greet you! You may want to rent a chair and enjoy the best view. This day dedicated to our culture is very special for us, and we want to share it with you! 

Grab your popcorn and enjoy all that our families and local businesses have to offer! 

This parade was organized and planned with love for you. We do not want to see you leave our beautiful city. Therefore, before you leave, we invite you to stop by our murals located at Downtown and take a photo to remember, a memory that will last for many years! 

Wait! You cannot travel on an empty stomach, so visit one of our favorite restaurants, Mi Pueblito,for an authentic Mexican meal filled with live regional music or Brownsville’s spot for inventive shots and expertly crafted cocktails Shot Republic. 


Don’t leave us out and share your experience in our beautiful city using the hashtag #VisitBTX. 

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