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In the Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas, the Caracara Trails is a vision for a 428-mile trail network that will link the rich natural, cultural and historical resources the area is known for—creating a unified regional identity for outdoor tourism, promoting healthier lifestyles and generating a new sense of community pride for everyone who lives there.


All Trails Lead to Brownsville

Exploring Brownsville on a bike turns a vacation into an adventure. The city has trails and bike paths for people to get out and enjoy the fantastic coastal weather. These trails link the community, connect people and places, and provide safe and healthy transportation for locals and tourists. A city that looks toward the future is developing the Caracara Trails to create new biking and walking connections to parks, shopping areas, and picnic sites.

It is common to see family and friends come to Brownsville and ride through the trails to explore the city. Usually, guests begin at the Mitte Cultural District. Once on the ride, they can pass one of many authentic Mexican Bakeries, like Saritas or Las Palmas, and smell their wonderful fresh-baked treats. Continuing on the ride, visitors can expect to stop and admire the historic buildings and stop for a nice dinner in one of the many restaurants featured in our downtown area. Where delicious elotes, raspas , and tacos can be found, and the sound of birds singing can be heard, with the breathtaking view of the sunset can be found. For visitors who love the outdoors and are interested in birding or mountain biking, then the Monte Bella trails are the place to be. There lays a 7-mile of single-track bicycle course, where beautiful routes for hikers and runners can be found.

Laguna Atascosa is another gem in the city. It is the largest protected area of natural habitat in the Rio Grande Valley for nature lovers. People interested in Brownsville's history would enjoy a ride to the Historic Battlefield Trails of the Mexican-American War. Visitors would also enjoy the historic Palo Alto Battlefield National Historical Park; picnic areas, video shows, shops, and cannons with kiosks to grab souvenirs and refreshments can be found. These trails promote a healthier lifestyle and reinforce a sense of community pride. They offer something for everyone of all ages. No bike? No problem. Local bike shops like J.T. Cycling and 7th and Park rent quality bikes at affordable rates.


Birds of Resaca de la Palma State Park Field Checklist

dove, city pigeon, turkey pigeon-2636305.jpg
Download our field checklist for Birds of Resaca de la Palma State Park, which includes 284 bird species from the area.

Resaca de la Palma State Park & World Birding Center

A Stunning
Natural Treasure!

The World Birding Center is a state park with nine unique locations in the Rio Grande Valley. Each site has attractions for both the first-time visitor and the expert birder.

Resacas, or oxbow lakes, are U-shaped bodies of water formed by the Rio Grande River – some dry and some wet – scattered across the park. These resacas can host more than 500 migratory and indigenous bird species like the Green Jay, Altimira Oriole, and Great Kiskadee. Many wildlife, including armadillos, rabbits, boars, and deer, can also be found in the park. They usually come out at sunrise or dusk. The park is home of many trails, gorgeous sceneries, and beautiful flora and fauna. Wild turkey's and other species can also be found on the land.

The site has ample parking areas and a Visitors Center where guests can register and buy small gifts. And, a tram to whisk visitors through the park, free of charge. Activities and special events are available year-round, such as; Sunrise Hikes, Butterfly Walks, Junior Ranger Explorer Days, Photography Classes, and even a Haunted Trail Tour.



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