Spread Your Wings For A One Of A Kind Experience

I discover new things living in Brownsville all of the time, and this is my favorite discovery. One day, my nephew missed a field trip bus. I gave him a ride to the Resaca de la Palma State Park & World Birding Center. As a professional photographer, I travel to state parks
all over Texas, so I was stunned that I had not come upon this treasure.

The park is home to the World Birding Center, with nine unique locations in the Rio Grande Valley. Each site has attractions for both the first time visitor and expert birder.

Resacas , or oxbow lakes, are U-shaped bodies of water formed by the Rio Grande River – some dry and some wet – are scattered across the park. They can host more than 500 migratory and indigenous bird species like the Green Jay, Altimira Oriole, and Great Kiskadee and make this a not to be missed destination. I’ve photographed lots of wildlife, including armadillos, rabbits, boars, and deer. They usually come out at sunrise or dusk.  And our sunsets are spectacular. Just beautiful, painted open sky.

The first time I explored the park, I discovered the many trails, gorgeous sceneries, and beautiful flora and fauna. Once, my wife and I came across a wild turkey mama and her little ones. Those birds have become weekly greeters at the main gate.

There are ample parking areas and a Visitors Center where guests can register and buy small gifts. And, a tram to whisk visitors through the park, free of charge. Activities and special events are available year-round, such as; Sunrise Hikes, Butterfly Walks, Junior Ranger Explorer Days, Photography Classes, and even a Haunted Trail Tour.


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