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Juice Us

A Healthy Lifestyle Starts Here!

What is JuiceUs?

Peace, good vibes, and a healthy lifestyle is what we believe in.  Our purpose is not just to provide, but also to teach our community what true healthiness is all about.  In order to do so, we bring only the freshest and most natural produce to JuiceUs.  Our craft juices, smoothies, shots and healthy eats are 100% natural.  You can be sure that we add no artificial ingredients to our menu.  To top all of this, we have managed to make our menu not just healthy but absolutely delicious!

The bottom line is, we at JuiceUs will always do our best to help the community and promote a healthy lifestyle by offering the very best of the best!

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that for every good intention there's a positive result. Our goal is to place a positive intention in the way we prepare our food, so at the end of the day you will receive a part of that through our products. It is our duty to provide and guide you in any way that we can.

Health Coach - Alexandra Anzaldúa

I am doing this because I myself struggled with finding healthy eating options in our community.  I know that there are a lot of people in our community struggling with the same issue. I want to help people maintain healthy eating  habits by providing them easy access to healthy food.

Address: 3090 Pablo Kisel Blvd Suite A, Brownsville, TX 78526


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Ashley HomeStore, 3000, Pablo Kisel Boulevard, Brownsville, Cameron County, Texas, 78526, United States
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